An Easy Guide to Increase the Durability of Your TPE Sex Doll

An Easy Guide to Increase the Durability of Your TPE Sex Doll

If you want a high-quality best silicone sex doll, you will have to look beyond the blow up models. You can either choose a silicone sex doll or a TPE sex doll to enjoy a high-end model. The problem with buying silicone sex dolls is that they are highly expensive.

On the other hand, a TPE sex doll is affordable with stunning quality. However, many people shy away from buying a TPE sex doll because they think the TPE models are less durable. Go through the tips below to know how to take care of your TPE friend and increase its durability.

1.   Keep Your TPE Sex Doll Well-Powdered

The first step to increasing the durability of your TPE sex doll is to powder it up all the time. Baby powder with a neutral smell can be a perfect choice for your TPE sex doll. But some people also prefer using something fancy with a fragrance of their choice.

You should take out the TPE sex doll from the storage place at least once a month and check whether it’s sufficiently powdered. Even if you have not used the doll for more than a month, you should keep powdering it.

Powdering your TPE sex doll makes its skin softer and smoother. Therefore, powdering is beneficial for you as well as your doll.

2.   Keep Moisture Away from Your TPE Sex Doll

Moisture is the biggest enemy of your TPE sex doll. TPE sex dolls have high porosity. Therefore, excess moisture will ruin the material of the doll. If you don’t wipe off excess moisture from your TPE sex doll, it might also lead to mold growth.

Your TPE sex doll will be exposed to sweat and fluids after every use. Therefore, you need to clean your sex doll thoroughly after every use. Always use a towel to get rid of all the moisture from the surface of the sex doll.

You also need to check the insides as sometimes moisture often finds its way deep inside the TPE dolls. As mentioned in the previous tip, powdering your doll is a useful step towards keeping it free of moisture.

3.   Expose Your TPE Sex Doll to Air

When the doll is not in use, you should expose it to air. The sensitive parts of your TPE sex doll often capture water vapor without you knowing it. Therefore, the sensitive crevices will need air to eliminate the remaining moisture. Even though you need to air dry your TPE sex doll, using a blow dryer is not at all a wise idea.

Always remember that TPE sex dolls have high sensitivity to heat. A TPE sex doll will not be able to withstand temperatures higher than 40 degrees Celsius. Therefore, the bursts of heat from a  blow dryer will ruin your TPE sex partner.

4.   Avoid Dark and Tight Clothing

A TPE sex doll can be stained easily. You should wash the clothes multiple times before putting them on your TPE sex doll. But some dark-colored clothing can leave stains on your sex doll even after being washed. Therefore, you should try dressing up your TPE sex doll in whites or light-colored clothes.

You should also avoid dressing up your TPE doll in tight clothing. Since the material is soft, tight clothing can leave unnecessary dents and markings on your doll’s body. If you really want to dress your doll up in tight clothing, limit the time for which it is worn. Try dressing up your TPE sex doll in a piece of clothing for some time and see if it causes any damage.

5.   Store Your TPE Sex Doll in a Cool and Dry Area

Don’t make the error of keeping your TPE sex doll in a warm and wet place. You also need to avoid hard surfaces for storing your TPE sex doll. Hard surfaces might flatten your TPE sex doll and ruin some of its features. You should also avoid colored surfaces as they can leave stains on your doll.

You need to ensure that the doll is kept in a straight position without any of the joints bending. You should change the position of your doll from time to time to prevent the doll from becoming flat. It is better to take out the removable parts of the doll before storing it.

You should also remove the head of the doll for long-term storage and hand it if your manufacturer has provided a hook. Some people also prefer storing their doll in a standing position against a cushioned wall.

Ending Note

A TPE sex doll can help you fulfill all your kinky desires and give you the greatest pleasure. Therefore, cleaning and maintenance of your TPE sex doll will feel more like a privilege than an annoying chore.